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Privacy Management is one of the most important parts of  Risk & Compliance departments.

Privacy professionals are often under tremendous pressure to find the right balance between various data protection challenges. Increase your privacy management efficiency and improve your organization’s performance. 

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ROPA - Records of Processing Activities

Challenges of Privacy Professionals

Increase Awareness

Most employees know the existence of Privacy laws but aren't aware of the risks or potential benefits they can bring to the organization. You can improve the awareness of your employees through standard or custom eLearnings and Phishing simulations.

Enhance cooperation between departments

For every organization communication is key. Make sure your teams are aware of privacy obligations and focus on their highest-priority tasks.

ROPA - Records of Processing Activities
ROPA - Records of Processing Activities

Avoid data breaches

According to Varonis and IBM, the number of data breaches grows every year and with an average cost of $4.24 million per breach, this is a trend privacy and security professionals need to prepare for.

Document processes and data flows

Every organization has data, but isn't always clear where that data came from or what it will be used for. Mapping data is essential for DPOs or Privacy professionals to manage data privacy compliance.

Responsum Privacy Management software ebook first 100 days as a DPO

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Our key features.


Automate repetitive administrative tasks and work more efficiently.

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Access the information you need anytime. We linked different modules for you, so you can have all the relevant information you need immediately.

Accountability & Availability

Have the correct information readily available in one single platform in case of an audit.


Get the information you need when you need it by working together with stakeholders from all departments.


Translate complex Privacy legislation requirements into easily understandable and applicable language through our guided workflows.


Raise and maintain your organization’s awareness to the highest level through simulations and online trainings.

ROPA - Records of Processing Activities

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