Ensure a smooth migration with our Transition pack

Experience a seamless migration from your current GDPR software provider to RESPONSUM with our Transition pack, including dedicated support every step of the way. 

What is the Transition Pack?

The Transition Pack is a plan that aims to facilitate the migration from your current provider to RESPONSUM. With the Transition Pack, we take over the implementation of our platform to your organization at a fixed price. Moreover, you enjoy unlimited, dedicated support throughout your journey with us, from the Discovery and Planning phase to the Adoption and beyond.

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Easy and smooth transition

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Step-by-step migration

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Dedicated one-to-one support​

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Cost-effective solution

Migrate in 5 easy steps

1. Discovery & planning

Through a two-stage Discovery and Planning process we build a strong foundation for efficient implementation.

We analyze needs, plan the project timeline, and work closely with your team to meet your organization’s goals.

2. Analysis & mapping

In the second phase, our team works with yours to analyze and interpret the data, map it onto the RESPONSUM fields, and create a POC.

We’ll conduct a workshop with your key stakeholders to gather information and make specifications. Once approved, we create a POC that accurately reflects your needs.

3. Build

In the building phase, we migrate the data to RESPONSUM and conduct a workshop with end-users to define roles and responsibilities.

We collaborate with your organization using realistic test cases to ensure that RESPONSUM accurately reflects your specific requirements.

4. Launch

In the launch phase, we focus on the end-users of the RESPONSUM platform.

We communicate the platform’s availability and provide them with the necessary access to start using it.

5. User adoption & support

In the final phase, we train end-users on RESPONSUM and provide after-implementation support with best practices and how-tos.

You’ll have a dedicated Customer Success Manager and our focus will be on optimizing the platform’s use.

How it works...

Migrate to RESPONSUM stress-free at a fixed price of €4.500*

*The price can change in case of specific requests or requirements. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us to learn more.


Learn more about migrating to RESPONSUM

Looking to learn more about how we can bring RESPONSUM to your organization? Check out our detailed guide including all the information you need, to discover the many advantages of choosing the Transition Pack.

Learn more about our transition pack

Contact our RESPONSUM experts and discover how you can migrate easily and quickly to our platform.


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