Privacy Assessments

Receive the right information at any time.

Use pre-made assessments, or build your own!

Data Mapping / Register of Processing Activities

Ask the organization for the right information with questions they understand and build your Register of Processing Activities in no time.

Custom Assessments

Customize any assessment – or simply build your own assessment from scratch – to fit your organization’s unique requirements.

Vendor Assessments

Handle Data Subject Requests (DSR) in a timely fashion through an effortless, automated, and structured approach.

Transfer Impact Assessment

Evaluate potential risks associated with transferring personal data outside of the EU and ensure data is being transferred in a consistent with the data protection regulations manner with Transfer Impact Assessments (TIA).

Data Protection Impact Assessment: DPIA / Pre-DPIA

Easily identify potential risks associated with both planned and ongoing activities and take decisive actions and measures to mitigate those risks with Data Protection Impact Assessments (DPIA).

Legitimate Interest Assessment

Perform a Legitimate Interest Assessment (LIA), or Balancing Test, to determine if there is a proper lawful basis for a processing activity.

Challenges of privacy professionals

DPOs are often under tremendous pressure to find the right balance between various data protection challenges. Increase your privacy management efficiency and improve your organization’s performance. 


Interdepartmental cooperation

Cooperation can be challenging if teams are unaware of their privacy obligations and not implementing them in their daily work.


Process documentation

Every organization has data but isn't always clear where that data came from or what it will be used for. Not mapping data makes it difficult for DPOs or privacy professionals to manage data privacy compliance.


Increase awareness

Most employees know the existence of privacy laws but aren't aware of the risks they can bring to the organization or the benefits of identifying threats.


Security risks

According to Varonis and IBM, the number of data breaches grows every year and with an average cost of $4.24 million per breach, this is a trend privacy and security professionals need to prepare for.

Our key features


Simplify repetitive tasks by automating them and take suggested actions based on data, within the tool.


Connect with different teams and departments and keep an eye on every project within the organization.​

Linked items

RESPONSUM links data from separate modules so you always have all the relevant information immediately available.​

Accountability & Availability

Have the correct information readily available in one single platform in case of an audit.


Translate complex Privacy legislation requirements into easily understandable and applicable language through our guided workflows.


Raise and maintain your organization's awareness to the highest level through simulations and online trainings.

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