A powerful tool to gain control over

your Privacy & Security Risks


Manage efficiently your GDPR and security compliance


Change behaviour of your team and prevent data breaches


Manage your risks, document mitigation and provide evidence

    A user friendly SaaS solution with different modules to tackle complex challenges

            E-learning and Phishing Module

            Change the behaviour of your workforce and encourage a culture that is  resilient against security threats . 

            With our credits based experience center module, you will 

            - Easily organize phishing campaigns 

             - Manage and monitor eLearning 

             - Get accurate metrics

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            Based on experience: Click rates decrease with 32% after only 1 phishing simulation!

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            Selfscan Module

            Get a view on the maturity level of your organization on Privacy and Security based on international frameworks. 

            Convince your board with sector benchmarks to invest in privacy & security. 

            - Privacy Scan

            - Security Scan

            Manage your Privacy, Security & Data in 1 integrated tool

            - Easily manage Privacy Risks and demonstrate compliance

            - Identify the area’s that are at risk and take the necessary action

            - Identify, qualify and organise your data to be used to your competitive advantage 

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