Effortless Privacy Management in one entirely EU-based software solution.

Automate and simplify your Privacy compliance challenges. Minimize risks for your organization and turn Privacy into a competitive advantage.

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Why choose RESPONSUM?

Save time

Automate tasks based on information in your Records of Processing Activities.

Collaborate easily

Connect with colleagues via RESPONSUM and keep track of projects.

Increase compliance

Maximize GDPR compliance thanks to our integrated frameworks of EU Supervisory Authorities.


Everything we do stems from the EU, ensuring your data remains safe and untouched.

Organize phishing simulations and create awareness

Send phishing emails and text messages to improve awareness among your colleagues.

Gather all relevant information in a personalized dashboard

In a single glance, have all the info you need at the right moment.

Execute Data Protection Impact Assessment 4 times faster.

Avoid hours of internal investigation and automatically assess risks for each DPIA.

"We already kept an adequate Register of Processing Activities, but upon uploading it to RESPONSUM it was such a relief to see our data become instantly available for all other modules."
Lynn Vleugels
DPO at Brussels Airport Company
"Finally, a Privacy software that actually is an added value in my life as a Data Protection officer. Such a fan of the multi-tenancy capabilities!
Koen Verbeke
DPO at Biocartis

Did you recently become DPO? Or would you like to freshen up on a practical GDPR framework?