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RESPONSUM is the world’s most intuitive Privacy Management tool.


Entirely EU-based, our solution offers various modules to manage Data Privacy while automating administrative tasks. A real Swiss-Army knife for a DPO!

Boost your team productivity and get ready for prime time! RESPONSUM will help you face Privacy challenges and obtain GDPR compliance easily.

Okay, these promises sounds great and all,

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Slide Gather all relevant information in a
personalized dashboard.
In a single glance, have all the info you
need at the right moment.
Find out how
Slide Execute Data Protection Impact
Assessments 4 times faster.
Avoid hours of internal investigation and
automatically assess risks for each DPIA.
Find out how
Slide Organize Phishing Simulations
and Create Awareness.
Send phishing emails and text messages
to improve awareness among your colleagues.
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How RESPONSUM will help you take on Privacy Challenges

Save time

Automate tasks based on
information in your Records of
Processing Activities

Collaborate easily

Connect with colleagues via
RESPONSUM and keep track
of projects

Increase compliance

Maximize GDPR compliance
thanks to our integrated frameworks
of EU Supervisory Authorities


Everything we do stems from the EU, ensuring your data remains safe and untouched.

RESPONSUM is the most user-friendly solution for your Privacy Management needs

In addition, our various modules allow you to run assessments or simulate phishing attacks. This is the proven way to improve your compliance level and minimize risk.


Finally, a Privacy
software that actually
is an added value in my
life as a DPO. Such a fan
of the multi-tenancy

Senior Consultant 

This just feels like a
complete and logically
built product. The pre-
filled suggestions save
me hours of searching

Data Specialist at Finance Organization

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Whether it’s assessing your
Privacy Maturity level, or
conducting a Data Protection
Impact Assessment, our
assessments will provide
essential insights

Privacy Management

GDPR and other privacy
legislation set strict
requirements for
organizations. Centralize all
necessary data and link them
all together to lift your privacy
team to the next level

Security Management

The swift handling of security
incidents is essential to minimize
damages. Especially when it
concerns personal data breaches.
Immediately check the affected
people and IM systems and take

Seeing is believing

So why not experience how
RESPONSUM can fix your
Privacy Management

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