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Employees are often referenced as the weakest links in an organization when it comes to IT Security or Privacy Compliance. Create awareness in your organization and be one step ahead by keeping your colleagues on their toes.

Whats does 2023 hold for privacy in the EU?

Challenges of Awareness programs


Lack of know-how

Training employees without any background in education can be a challenge. 


Creating lasting impact

Typically most employees focus on passing online tests, but don't take in the knowledge long term.


Lack of time & resources

Taking into account the diversity of tasks of privacy teams, creating awareness trainings is easily postponed.


Tracking results & follow-up

Ideally you can retarget employees that haven't scored well on tests, or seem to be inconsistent when facing security threats.

Why create Awareness

A key component of privacy and security programs is making employees aware of the fact they have certain responsibilities and tasks to fulfill to ensure the organization’s safety and compliance. Creating a culture that is resilient against security threats and where privacy is upheld will help you to meet regulatory requirements and prevent security breachesThe RESPONSUM Awareness modules (Phishing Simulations & Elearnings) allow you to easily set up an end-to-end awareness campaign to reduce the impact of human error significantly. 

Raise Awareness with RESPONSUM

Phishing simulations

Set up & launch email or SMS phishing campaigns specific to your organization


Offer online privacy, security & data management trainings and track the results

Our key features


Simplify repetitive tasks by automating them and take suggested actions based on data, within the tool.


Connect with different teams and departments and keep an eye on every project within the organization.

Linked items

RESPONSUM links data from separate modules so you always have all the relevant information immediately available.

Accountability & Availability

Have the correct information readily available in one single platform in case of an audit.


Translate complex Privacy legislation requirements into easily understandable and applicable language through our guided workflows.


Raise and maintain your organization's awareness to the highest level through simulations and online trainings.

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Create awareness in your organization

Identify your organization’s weakest links and minimize risks.

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