Data Mapping

Receive the right information at any time and stay compliant continuously with RESPONSUM’s data mapping solution.


Accurate data maps

Data mapping made easy

Kalle Numelin - Group DPO & Legal Counsel, Fintraffic

Kalle Numelin - Group DPO & Legal Counsel, Fintraffic

“After a year of use, RESPONSUM feels like a once-a-week part-time law student doing the administrative work for our privacy team.”

Templates and custom surveys

Implement your own surveys, or start from one of templates to ask the right questions to the right people.

Easy to understand

Speed up the process by avoiding legal jargon, so your colleagues actually understand which answer they need to provide.

Boost collaboration

Enhance communication and follow-up with other departments through our built-in communication / task management features.


Have an up-to-date, accurate overview of data flows at all time.

Challenges of Data mapping

Though the GDPR requires more information in the Records of Processing Activities than are presented in the Data map, it is an excellent start and useful tool for privacy teams. However, the process of data mapping presents some challenges:

Outdated records

As organizations, processes and tools change regularly, Data Maps should be continuously updated. Keeping track of those updates and consequential actions is no easy task.

The right information on time

Often, the biggest time-consumer is receiving information from colleagues. Everyone is busy, and it’s up to the privacy team to properly follow up on their requests.​

Find out first hand!

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