Risk Management

Have a clear overview of your risks, the measures to mitigate those risks and execute your company’s risk strategy. Our flexible reporting features offer actionable insights to minimize all GDPR-related risks.

Meet today's and avert tomorrow's challenges!

RESPONSUM has everything you need to handle the challenges you cope with in managing risks. Our integrated Risk Management Module facilitates collaboration and risk visibility to increase the effectiveness of your risk management programs.

Collaborate with stakeholders

Identify risks across the organization

Create a custom risk strategy

Manage treatment plans

Benefits of RESPONSUM's Risk management module

Collaborate with Stakeholders

Reach out to anyone in- or outside of the company to add relevant information related to your risks and follow-up effortlessly.

Automatically suggested risks

RESPONSUM automatically suggests risks based on information in your RoPA, Assessments (e.g. DPIA) etc. to ensure you don’t miss any risk treatment measures.

Create your custom risk strategy

Every organization has its own Risk appetite and related Risk strategy. Implement it in our tool to ensure accurate reporting.

Manage risk treatment plans

Create, manage and follow-up on risk treatment plans and report on the progress you’ve made.

Get a 360° view of Risks

Risk strategy

Implement and visualize your organization’s risk strategy.

Risk treatment plan

Add risk treatment actions to each risk and follow-up the status of each mitigation.

Risk register

Keep track of all risks associated to GDPR and manage them in collaboration with other departments.

Want to boost your Risk management?

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