Automated eLearnings

Create awareness in your organization with privacy and security eLearnings for your employees.

Our eLearnings offering


Comply with privacy legislation and ensure your organization is aware of their responsibilities regarding privacy.


Change the behaviour of employees and maintain a culture that is resilient against increasing security threats.

Data Management training

Data empowers organizations to make better decisions and increases business value. 


Do you have any specific trainings you want your colleagues to follow? Upload them to RESPONSUM.

Why choose RESPONSUM?

Be more effective through gamification

Gamification enhances learner engagement and improves long term retention.

Save costs and time

Every training requires money and time. Win on both fronts by offering online trainings.

Demonstrate compliance

Demonstrate compliance easily by showing the progress of your organization.

Smart groups

Create groups based on learning behaviour and knowledge level to target them with training based on their personal skill level.

Extensive reporting

Receive high-level and in-depth reports to use internally. Demonstrate compliance to authorities in case of an audit.

Efficient follow-up

Follow-up and send automated reminders to employees. Let RESPONSUM train your employees for you.

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