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Partner program benefits

More value

Impact customers by reducing their risks, improving compliance and boosting productivity

Easy & scalable

RESPONSUM solutions are easy to sell and deploy and can be scaled to meet customer needs

Increased sales

Implement cross- and upselling to your existing customer base, and captivate new customers


Gain insights on your customers’ operations and where they can improve

New revenue streams

Earn commissions on subscription fees and exploring potential onboarding trajectories

Why legal consultancy firms should team up with GDPR SaaS companies

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Partner types

Referral partner

Earn a one-time fixed fee by referring customers to us. We will take care of sales, customer onboarding and support.​

Managed Service Provider

Incorporate RESPONSUM into your service offering, taking care of sales, customer onboarding, and first-level support.


Sell RESPONSUM to your customer, but leave the customer onboarding and support to us.

Technology partner

RESPONSUM strives to integrate with leading software vendors to enhance the value for our customers. For more info, check our integrations page.

Partner enablement

Katty Scholdis - Data Protection Officer

Katty Scholdis - Data Protection Officer

“Our main objective was to find a tool that could map our processing operations and track obligations, streamlining the DPO’s responsibilities. Fortunately, this tool brings together many more of the DPO’s tasks, ultimately making their work easier.”

1. Onboarding

Partner enablement begins with onboarding, which involves conducting an introduction presentation and going over the contract.

4. Business development

Support for business development includes guidance on how to start selling with sales enablers and creating a business plan with KPI targets.

2. Training

A crucial aspect, encompassing both product training and sales training, which can be conducted online or in person.

5. Lead registration & closing

By engaging in lead registration/closing, partners can receive rebates.

3. Certifications

To enhance your expertise as a partner, we offer certifications in sales fundamentals and technical fundamentals.

6. Review & improve

Periodic evaluations are carried out to review KPI results, refine approaches, and gather valuable partner feedback.


Partner certification types

Technical fundamentals

Detailed feature overview
Technical focus topics
Customization possibilities

Sales fundamentals

SPIN selling
Competitive advantages
Sales & marketing collateral
High-level feature overview

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