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Three main benefits

RESPONSUM’s stakeholder management module offers three main benefits:

GDPR compliant templates

Since you know which data is processed by your vendors, you know exactly what type of agreements you need. Via the Vendor Agreements submodule, you will have templates available to comply to all regulation. You will also be able to offer a standardized process to collaborate with new and existing vendors.

Vendor portal

You can create your own vendor questionnaires or use one of our templates to send to new vendors. The vendors will be able to access the assessment directly in a secured portal so you receive updates directly in RESPONSUM.

Link to Risk Management

Once a stakeholder assessment has been completed, the associated risks are created in our Risk Management module. Follow-up to ensure the risks are rightly mitigated and easily stay-up-to-date of their implementation.

Challenges of Vendor Assessments

Though proper supplier analysis is important for the GDPR, extensive vendor assessments also put strain on the business as it can delay important procurements. That’s why smooth and automated vendor management is usually one of the top priorities of any privacy team.

Getting the right information

Building a vendor assessment from scratch is no easy feat. And you’d like to avoid missing a vital question. That’s why we offer vetted templates that cover most organizations’ needs.

Keep track of documents

Over time you’ll need a complete history of all vendor agreements, assessments, policies etc. throughout time, to ensure GDPR compliance. Managing those files on a shared server typically proves to be a recipe for disaster.

Legal jargon

You want the supplier to be able to fill out the right information as quickly as possible. Yet, most organizations often implement a legal vocabulary that delays the process.

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