Risk Management

Identify, evaluate, and treat risks

In the security field, Risk Management across an organization can be a massive challenge. Ensuring your organization is working conforming to the company policy and protecting against a complex and growing cyber threat landscape, is not an easy job!

Why RESPONSUM can help you with risk management

Meet today's and avert tomorrow's challenges!

RESPONSUM has everything you need to handle the challenges you cope with in managing risks. Our integrated Risk Management Module facilitates collaboration and risk visibility to increase the effectiveness of your risk management programs.

Collaborate with stakeholders

Identify risks across the organization

Create a custom risk strategy

Manage treatment plans

Get a 360° view of risks

Built upon our powerful foundation, the Risk Management Module allows you to identify and understand risks being faced across the entire organization: business processes, assets, processing activities, entities, or vendors. Centralize all these risks in the risk register.

Risk evaluation

Create your own risk matrix based on custom impact and probability levels. Evaluate risks across different domains: finance, image, customer loyalty,… The risk matrix is an effective tool that assists you in consistent risk evaluation by always considering the probability and the impact level.

RESPONSUM Risk Evaluation Example
RESPONSUM Risk Treatment example

Risk Treatment Plan

Determine the level of treatment plans required for each risk level. RESPONSUM helps to generate and record potential options for risk treatment: accept, avoid, control, transfer and not handled. To coordinate all activities that ensure risk treatments are implemented, RESPONSUM offers an intuitive activity plan.

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