Sustainability at RESPONSUM


The Core Business: Care for people – data privacy and security for businesses and their customers.

The People: Although a start-up atmosphere can increase pressure on the employees and might go hand in hand with a fast-changing environment, the organizational culture at RESPONSUM creates an agreeable working environment.

Environmental Sustainability: The environmental sustainability initiatives exist out of renewable energy efforts, green negotiations, and climate action by planting trees for every new client.

Create awareness: RESPONSUM creates awareness about data privacy and security through e-learnings and phishing simulations. People in different sectors learn how to protect themselves, their business, and their customers.

In the future the focus lies on diversity, equity, and inclusion: RESPONSUM hopes to increase the diversity within the company and make sure to establish a welcoming culture for all. Further, RESPONSUM hopes to engage more women in the STEM sectors and allow them to climb their way to high-level positions.


Find out how exactly RESPONSUM does this in the 2021 CSR report.

Leadership Perspective

With RESPONSUM we want to make sure that customers, employees, partners, friends… people like you, can confidently assume that their data is processed in a correct, transparent, and ethical way. In our solutions to make data privacy and security easier and more accessible, we focus on the data and data flows of the individual, which makes our approach very people focused. Within RESPONSUM we continuously look for innovative solutions to keep up and respond to data privacy and security market trends.

Values such as open communication, integrity, and expertise are central in creating value in our sector for as many stakeholders as possible. With our open organizational culture where everyone is listened to and respected, the growth and self-actualization of every employee are important to us. This open culture is extended further towards all stakeholders to be fully transparent as a company and to take responsibility towards all parties that RESPONSUM is involved with. My vision for the future is that privacy is increasingly becoming an essential right of people all over the world and companies that can handle it correctly will be able to maintain good relationships with their clients and establish a competitive advantage.

Alex Van Cauwenbergh, CEO

Our Partner in Trees

GoForest membership logo


RESPONSUM plants trees per new customer! By becoming a customer of RESPONSUM, you are empowered to manage privacy and data security while fighting climate change… Sounds good, right? The trees are planted by the Belgian GoForest, leaders for a green world and partner of CO2logic. The goal is to restore nature by planting the right kind of trees in environments where they have the most positive effects on biodiversity, carbon storage, employment, livelihood, and local economy. That way, the planet greens as RESPONSUM grows.

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