Records of Processing Activities

Are you spending way too much time managing your Records of Processing Activities (RoPA)? Discover how RESPONSUM enables the rest of your organization to keep your RoPA up-to-date and accurate.

What is a Register of Processing Activities?

The Record of Processing Activities (RoPA) is a document that organizations must maintain to show their compliance with the GDPR (Article 30). It includes information about personal data processing activities, legal bases, retention periods, and technical and organizational measures, and must be kept up-to-date. The RoPA should be available to Supervisory Authorities upon request.

Challenges of a RoPa

Up-to-date records

Keeping up-to-date RoPAs can be challenging when processing activities are introduced or changed.

Detailed RoPA

RoPAs must include all the required information, such as the purpose, the categories of personal data processed, etc.


Identifying all processing activities in an organization can be difficult, especially if third-party service providers are involved.


If Supervisory Authorities request for the RoPA you must be able to provide them with a detailed document that is easy to access.

Simplify your RoPA with RESPONSUM

With RESPONSUM you can simplify your RoPAs by following guided processes, automating repetitive tasks, and enabling cross-departmental collaboration.

Lynn Vleugels - Data Protection Officer

Lynn Vleugels - Data Protection Officer

“We were already keeping a good RoPA, but when we uploaded it into RESPONSUM, it was such a relief to see our data instantly available for all the other modules. It just made things so much smoother!”

Save time and increase efficiency

Upload your existing RoPAs and save time by getting started with RESPONSUM immediately. Centralize IM Systems, build a data dictionary, and easily maintain your RoPA. Automatically convert business processes into processing activities. Ask us to learn more about our process management module.

Continuous collaboration

Enable and facilitate cross-departmental collaboration and get notified when business processes change over time. Make sure that all the relevant information is incorporated.

Link assessments and notices

Perform and centralize DPIAs, balancing tests, … and link to the Record of Processing Activities (RoPA). Link notices by selecting what notice is provided to the data subject in relation to a processing activity.


Complete audit log and keep version history

Complete Audit log including date, time and changes made. Version history for each processing activity is stored within RESPONSUM to support DSAR and potential audit needs.


RoPA: What is it and how to approach its development?

Discover RoPA’s significance in data protection compliance. Streamline processes and safeguard your data now!

Empowering privacy management for seamless compliance

In the dynamic landscape of data protection and privacy, RESPONSUM emerges as a robust solution designed to revolutionize how organizations navigate and manage their privacy responsibilities. Our privacy management software seamlessly integrates a range of powerful features, ensuring your compliance journey is not only efficient but also effective.


Simplify repetitive tasks by automating them and take suggested actions based on data, within the tool.


Connect with different teams and departments and keep an eye on every project within the organization.

Linked items

RESPONSUM links data from separate modules so you always have all the relevant information immediately available.

Accountability & Availability

Have the correct information readily available in one single platform in case of an audit.


Translate complex Privacy legislation requirements into easily understandable and applicable language through our guided workflows.


Generate your own RoPAs by following guided steps or utilize pre-designed templates provided within the tool. Customize your RoPA to fit your organization’s needs.

Automate your records of processing

Book a free demo with one of our experts today and take the first step to automate the Records of Processing Activities in your organization.


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