Governance & Policies

Legislation across the world is changing at an unprecedented rate, organizations need to adapt or even reinvent themselves due to digital disruption. Meanwhile, privacy & compliance teams struggle to keep up.

Even if they can keep up with legislation and its implications, Privacy teams still face practical challenges. Managing procedures, policies, contracts or other legal documents can be tremendously time-consuming. Some documents are continually evolving due to the changing environment, yet every amendment oftentimes needs to be approved by multiple colleagues.


Practical challenges Privacy teams face

Compliance teams nowadays need to spend too much keeping track of…

Which documents need to be changed

How documents have been changed

Following up on review cycles

Feedback from stakeholders

More than once, prospects tell us that once a policy has been approved by all necessary stakeholders, a revised version is already in the making.

Automation & Integration

In RESPONSUM we tackle these challenges and provide the opportunity to link and integrate Policies & Procedures into other parts of Privacy & Security Management like Information Security Management Systems (ISMS). Some of our features include:

Automated feedback requests

Document categorization

Automated reminders

Advanced version tracking

Automated review intervals

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