In our aim to redefine the data privacy software market, we decided to rebuild our software to make the life of our customers as easy as possible. We have a ton of incredible improvements and mind-blowing features focused on saving valuable time.

Simplify GDPR compliance

GDPR compliance should never be a burden on any organization, nor on any privacy team. RESPONSUM’s redesign was centered around three key areas of improvement: Collaboration, Flexibility and UI

  • Speed
  • Flexibility
  • User Interface

A new era for privacy management software

We’ve completely rebuilt our software from the ground up, and are thrilled to share with you the incredible improvements and features that come with the redesigned RESPONSUM.


We reduced loading times to practically zero. Furthermore, we’ve added real-time search-and-navigate to any item in RESPONSUM. 


Effortlessly map any organization structure to RESPONSUM. Utilize custom fields and relations seamlessly in workflows and maintain granular access control for security and ultimate flexibility.

User Interface

Enjoy lightning-fast page loads, a revamped UI with intuitive navigation, and real-time search for seamless exploration. 

Introducing: Yover the Octopus

There's no Batman without Robin and, from now on, no Privacy Professional without Yover the Octopus. 

Yover the Octopus is our smart suggestion engine. Its tentacles reach the entire RESPONSUM tool, allowing it to identify gaps and follow-up needs across your entire process. Trust Yover to be your personal assistant to keep the privacy engine moving and to remain on top of all running tasks.

Trusted by 45,000+ users in 30+ countries

Watch our demo video

Dive into our RESPONSUM 3.0 demo video and discover the latest features designed to streamline your privacy practices without commitment. Perfect for those who want a sneak peek before taking the plunge.

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