Within RESPONSUM, we offer several integrations with other useful tools, such as Cookiebot, Civic UK, Dealcloud, Collibra, Microsoft and Google.

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Cookie consent: Cookiebot & Civic UK

Do you want your website to be compliant with the GDPR regarding cookies? Cookiebot offers three functions: cookie consent, cookie monitoring and cookie control. Create a customized user consent for your website. Monitor all types of cookies on your website via an automated scan. And protect your end-users by blocking all first- and third-party cookies until consent is given. RESPONSUM registers every consent given (or denied?): who accepts (denies) and at what time.


Maintain your RoPA easily and correctly, by implementing the right data retention periods. For all legislations. Around the world.

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Data Discovery: DealCloud & Collibra

Rulefinder Data Privacy by aosphere

Gain access to high-quality, expert analyses of international privacy laws and keep track of all the changes and developments.

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Authentication: Microsoft AD

The basic feature of RESPONSUM is the authentication of every single user. This involves more than just entering your credentials to sign in. To protect the content of your tenant within RESPONSUM and reduce the risk of data breaches, we offer the following features together with Microsoft AD:

Single sign-on: Microsoft & Google

Single sign-on helps you to streamline the authentication process. With only one set of credentials, you are able to login into different applications linked to RESPONSUM. This eases the authentication and makes it more user-friendly.


Seamlessly connect with over 6.000 apps to automate tasks like data subject right requests and consent tracking, enhance collaboration across your favorite apps for privacy compliance, and boost overall productivity by eliminating manual privacy management. Customize workflows to fit your unique needs.

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