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Gain access to high-quality, expert analyses of international privacy laws and keep track of all the changes and developments with Rulefinder Data Privacy by aosphere.

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Providing access to high-quality legal analyses and global regulation tracking

Aosphere Limited offers our users a range of valuable features through their product Rulefinder Data Privacy. In addition to high-quality legal analysis, our users can stay informed about the latest changes and developments in global regulations through our tracking service


How to maximize the potential of Rulefinder Data Privacy?

Global scope

Consider your organization’s data privacy obligations in every jurisdiction, including the EU, US, Brazil etc.


Compare your organization’s obligations from employment scenarios to data transfers, direct marketing, cookies, consent and breach response.

In-depth analysis

New legislations, case law, jurisprudence are analyzed thoroughly, offering you practical advice to remain compliant.

Up-to-date information

Keep track of the forthcoming developments and changes with daily monitoring and email alerts.

Boost your privacy team's impact with essential tools for success

Katty Scholdis - Data Protection Officer

Katty Scholdis - Data Protection Officer

“Our main objective was to find a tool that could map our processing operations and track obligations, streamlining the DPO’s responsibilities. Fortunately, this tool brings together many more of the DPO’s tasks, ultimately making their work easier.”

Privacy culture

Engage your coworkers and cultivate data ownership through tailored messages and trainings for each stakeholder.


Showcase your efforts through internal and external reports.


Simplify repetitive tasks by automating them and take suggested actions based on data, within the tool.

Executive buy-in

Present clear insights regarding risks, potential consequences and mitigations.

Responsibility allocation

Receive the right information from Privacy Champions. Collaborate and follow-up easily / automatically.

Entirely EU-based

One of privacy departments’ responsibilities is to recommend other departments to use tools that are completely privacy-compliant, and thus entirely EU-based.

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