Accurate data retention periods with filerskeepers

Data retention periods can vary tremendously from country to country and from industry to industry. filerskeepers keeps track of over 290.000 data retention periods. Access them easily via RESPONSUM.

filerskeepers' threefold goal towards
simplifying the complex task of managing data retention:

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To create a strategic data retention tool that enables users to be aware of all data retention terms.

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To enable users to view real-time updates on ever-changing data retention laws.

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To assist users in determining the ideal golden standard for their organization’s data retention policy.


What can you do more with filerskeepers?


Have an easy-to-read overview of data retention legislation for over 250 countries.


Comply with industry- and department specific retention periods.

Up-to-date information

Receive up to date information on everything related to retention schedules: who should store, what to store, minimum or maximum term, start of the retention period, how long to keep data, and a link to the legal source.

How does it work with RESPONSUM?

Save time

Spend less time researching various legislations to find the right data retention period for specific data types.

Manage your RoPA easily

When creating / managing Records of Processing Activities, follow the integrated guide to find the correct data retention period.

Increase compliance

By using the filerskeepers integration, you’re certain to implement the right data retention period for every piece of data in your organization.

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