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Brussels is where the heart of Europe beats. Therefore, there’s no doubt that Brussels Airport in Zaventem is one of the busiest airports in Europe. Discover how we help Brussels Airport Company centralize privacy management.

The Heart of Europe

Brussels airport is one of the most important airports in Europe. In 2021 the airport welcomed 9.4 million passengers compared to 26.4 million passengers in 2019. The airport also has an important cargo activity with more than 843,000 tonnes of cargo transported in 2021. In 2022, it offers direct connections to more than 200 destinations. The airport also offers a leading cargo platform, specialised in the transport of pharmaceutical products, perishable goods, e-commerce and live animals. Brussels Airport is the second most important economic growth pool in Belgium, good for 24,000 direct and 40,000 indirect jobs and is operated by the Brussels Airport Company.

Data Processing on the Conveyor Belt

But the individual’s needs wouldn’t be met if their privacy wasn’t guaranteed. The aviation industry routinely handles enormous amounts of personal data – from passengers, crew, employees, suppliers, and other business contacts alike. As a result, airport companies are required to operate in a highly regulated environment, which adds a whole new level of complexity to the processing of personal data.

As a human-scale, customer-centric airport, Brussels Airport Company greatly values privacy. Therefore, a dedicated privacy team was appointed to ensure their data subjects’ rights are always protected. This is not an easy feat when you’re working on such a large scale, and both practical and time challenges are lurking around every corner. Hence the need for automation…


That’s where RESPONSUM comes into play. As a truly automated, completely modular privacy management tool, it proved to be exactly the solution Brussels Airport Company needed.

First off, RESPONSUM manages and automates Brussels Airport Company’s governance policies and legislation, which more than often proves to be a challenge in terms of time administration, as managing procedures, policies, contracts, or other legal documents can be tremendously time-consuming. By automating feedback requests, reminders, and review intervals, but also categorizing documents and advanced version tracking, RESPONSUM alleviates most of Brussels Airport Company’s practical challenges regarding governance and policies.

We already kept an adequate Register of Processing Activities, but upon uploading it to RESPONSUM it was such a relief to see our data become instantly available for all other modules.

Secondly, RESPONSUM offers Brussels Airport Company a more efficient way of creating and maintaining Records of Processing Activities (RoPA). “We already kept an adequate Register of Processing Activities, but upon uploading it to RESPONSUM it was such a relief to see our data become instantly available for all other modules,” says Brussels Airport Company DPO, Lynn Vleugels, “The platform is also very intuitive. After my onboarding sessions, I immediately felt comfortable and confident using the tool.”

But that’s not all. RESPONSUM also offers Brussels Airport Company an automated, structured approach to keep track of Data Subject Requests. “It determines the scope of the request, delegates tasks across the organization, keeps a history log of all actions, sends timely reminders, and even sets up review cycles… Which make our lives as privacy professionals that much easier!”

Finally, RESPONSUM helps Brussels Airport Company execute DPIAs a lot faster than before. “What’s most convenient”, says Lynn Vleugels, “is the link between RESPONSUM’s RoPA and DPIA (Data Protection Impact Assessment) modules. Having most data at hand from the get-go is a real time-saver!”


It cannot be disputed Brussels Airport Company is a tremendously successful company which greatly values the data privacy of its visitors and employees. Thanks to their partnership with RESPONSUM – freed from the burden of most practical, admin-heavy challenges that tend to come with adequate privacy management – Brussels Airport Company can once again focus on what they do best: making sure all of their stakeholders feel right at home, with utmost attention to comfort and privacy.

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