Incident & Breach Management

With an average cost of 3,22 million Euros per data breach (according to IBM) and continuously growing risks through the roll-out of 5G and an increased focus on remote workforces by cybercriminals, organizations need to have a robust Incident & Breach management practice in place.

RESPONSUM Avoid Data breaches

How to handle incidents and breaches

Security incidents and breaches should be handled as a top priority. Firstly, because legislation, like the GDPR, requires organizations to alert authorities or even the affected data subjects in case of a data breach. Secondly, because once a security vulnerability has been exposed, cybercriminals will be eager to exploit it furtherIn order to respond as quickly as possible, security teams need to have the necessary information readily available. Typically, that includes:

All hardware used in the organization

All software used in the organization

Which data is used in which location

Once the scope of the incident has been assessed, the security and/or privacy team needs to define the potential impact on the affected data subjects. Finally, the security/privacy team determines which actions need to be taken to resolve the incident, and to prevent it from happening again.

Strongly reduce your response time

Since our platform provides infrastructure management, data classification and business process management, you will have the right information immediately available when a security incident or breach is reported. Furthermore, we’ve implemented the ENISA (European Union Agency for Network and Information Security) methodology to properly assess the severity of personal data breaches.


A practical example

Say a server has been hacked, you will know who used that server, which data was on there, which business processes use that server and in case of a personal data breach, you effortlessly find out the severity of the breach. In our experience, using RESPONSUM strongly reduces your security team’s response time and your action plan can be executed more effectively.

During incidents, security teams usually reach out to colleagues for additional information or assistance. As collaboration is central to RESPONSUM, you can reach out to colleagues and delegate tasks (with automated reminders), while working on our platform. That way you are always in control during hectic security incidents.

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