Maturity Assessments

Boost your organization’s
Privacy & Security Maturity

If you’re looking to improve your privacy and/or security practice, it’s important to know where to start. Thanks to our Maturity Assessments covering Privacy, Security and Data, you can set your own baseline for each respective discipline and track your progress.

Maturity Model


The best way to measure your organization’s privacy and security maturity levels is by checking how well-developed your processes and procedures are for each domain. That’s why we based our maturity rating on the CMMI standard, consisting of 5 maturity levels:

  • Initial: Processes unpredictable, poorly controlled and reactive
  • Managed: Processes characterized for projects and is often reactive
  • Defined: Processes characterized for the organization and is proactive
  • Quantitatively managed: Processes measured and controlled
  • Optimizing: Focus on process improvement

Find out which level your organization is at now and know the actions necessary to further mature your privacy and security operations.

Industry benchmarks & Actionable insights


RESPONSUM includes several maturity assessments (Privacy Maturity Assessment, Data Maturity Assessment, Security Maturity Assessment) consisting of multiple statements and questions for you to answer.


From those answers you’re given a certain score that you can use as a benchmark for your own organization, and you can compare your organization with industry averages. Followed of course by actionable insights so you know what exactly you need to improve.

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