If you are looking for the best Vendor Management solution, here it is.

Use GDPR compliant templates, create vendor questionnaires and add vendors to business processes.

Thanks to RESPONSUM’s Stakeholder Management module, you can centralize and manage all vendor related information in one single place.

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How can RESPONSUM's Vendor Management solution help you?

RESPONSUM’s Vendor Management solution offers three main features:

GDPR compliant templates

Since you know which data is processed by your vendors, you know exactly what type of agreements you need. Via the Vendor Agreements submodule, you will have templates available to comply to all regulation. You will also be able to offer a standardized process to collaborate with new and existing vendors.

Vendor Portal

You can create your own vendor questionnaires or use one of our templates to send to new vendors. This is how we help you keep track of new stakeholders and vendors, updates of existing agreements.

Process based

In the Process Management module, you can add vendor related information to specific business processes. That way, you’ll immediately know which vendors take part in what process, how much data they process and which data actually is being processed.

Why are vendor questionnaires important?

RESPONSUM ensures you collect all the relevant information and that all documents stay up to date. That’s why you can choose to use one of our own templates or create your own

What’s more? You can send the agreements to your new and existing vendors. The vendors will be able to access the assessment directly in a secured portal so you receive updates directly in RESPONSUM.

Use the templates we provide. We guide you through the process and include the information organizations typically need to know when adding a new stakeholder.

If you have specific needs you can create your own template and include the information that is more relevant to you and your organization.

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What's more with our all-in-one solution for you?

Our main focus is to provide our users with the best experience, in a cost effective way, with automated tasks and linked items.  That will help you manage of all the Data Subject Requests related information.


Privacy management can be complicated. Our goal is to simplify it as much as possible and take away the administrative hassle through an easy-to-use user interface.


When hearing prospects talking about budgets they have spent or offers they received from competitors, those numbers make our heads spin. RESPONSUM offers its all-in-one platform at an affordable price, linked to the amount of user accounts you will require.


Even if you can locate the data of your Data Subject, a lot of DPOs will still have this internal incertitude of whether they now have ALL the personal data.

Linked Items

Access the information you need anytime. We linked different modules for you, so you can have all the relevant information you need immediately.

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