Let's go Smishing/ SMS Phishing together

Help employees to recognize, avoid and report potential threats that can compromise critical business and systems.

RESPONSUM’s Phishing simulation module enables you to simulate real-world Smishing/ SMS Fishing attacks. It provides all the tools you need to create a customer campaign in an easy and intuitive way. As a bonus, RESPONSUM comes with a library of ready-to-use phishing templates, data entry landing pages and training pages. So you can get started right away.

ROPA - Records of Processing Activities

Benefit from Smishing/ SMS Phishing Simulations

Data breach

Yes you do. When a Smishing attack is successful your organization can face a data breach, which can severly affect your organiation.

Financial Loss

Yes you do. The financial loss of a data breach due to Smishing can be tremendous with the highest reported cost being at $3.4 billion.

Employees are your weakness

Yes you do. When your employess are vulnereable to Smishing this indicates low awareness levels. As a consequence, they are easy targets to cyber criminals.

... and your strength

Yes you do. In cyber attacks you must rely on your employees. Provide them with the right training with real-world examples to help them understand where to look for.

Fun fact

Did you know that in May 2021 the American company Colonial Pipeline lost approximately over €‎3.4 billion as a result of a data breach? This was probably caused by a phishing attack by gaining access to an employee’s password.

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Lower data breach risks

Track results

Statistics show that recurring phishing simulations continually improve an organization's awareness with an average improvement rate of over 85% after one year of phishing training.

Dashboards Phishing
Dashboards Employees

Customize scenarios

Select a template from our extensive library or use the Phishing editor to create a bespoke phishing scenario for optimal results.

Follow-up easily with Smart target groups

Target the people that are most susceptible for phishing attacks to get the best results.

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Our key features

Smart groups

Target AI-based groups with different knowledge levels.

Training pages

Provide just-in-time training for your employees who click on a malicious link.

Awareness messages

Send tips & tricks to employees and send them reminders to follow a training.

Template library

Choose a scenario from our phishing library to create impactful simulations immediately.


Have in-depth reporting capabilities at hand for internal use, or in case of an audit.

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