Manage risks in the ISMS module and speed up your certification process for ISO, SOC2, NIST or any other security framework.

An Information Security Management System, or ISMS, allows you to define and manage your security controls to ensure confidentiality, availability and integrity of your data and IT systems from threats and vulnerabilities. It is widely regarded as the basis for information risk management.

ROPA - Records of Processing Activities

Create and manage your ISMS

In RESPONSUM’s ISMS module, you can easily create your own Security framework or use an existing one via the import function, e.g.: ISO 27001, ISO 27701, NIST, SOC2... You will be able to define requirements, controls, technical and organizational measures. As an added benefit, you can manage policies and refer to the other RESPONSUM modules. E.g.: Data Protection Impact Assessment or Governance and Policies.

Speed up your certification

Setting up an entire ISO standard with all its controls, checks, links to policies etc. can be very time-consuming. Let RESPONSUM do the work for you and save valuable time!

Continuous collaboration

Enable cross-departmental collaboration, keep track of which employees have read policies or followed Security trainings and have the proof available for the audit.

ROPA - Records of Processing Activities
ROPA - Records of Processing Activities

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