Manage Risks
in the ISMS Module


What is an ISMS?


An Information Security Management System (ISMS) contains guidelines, policies and procedures to minimize Security Risks across an organization.


An ISMS allows you to define and manage your security controls to ensure confidentiality, availability and integrity of your data and IT systems from threats and vulnerabilities. It is widely regarded as the basis for information risk management.

Create your own ISMS


In RESPONSUM’s ISMS module, you can easily create your own framework or use an existing one via the import function. You will be able to define requirements, controls, technical and/or organizational measures. As an added benefit, you can manage policies from this module and refer to other modules in RESPONSUM, like Data Protection Impact Assessment or Governance & Policies.

Link with Assets and Risk Management


By using RESPONSUM, you’ll have easy access not only to tons of Privacy & Security information, but you’ll be able to reach out to colleagues throughout the organization by using our collaboration features.


The ISMS module allows Security professionals to save time by automating and simplifying administrative tasks that are inevitably linked to managing Security Risks.

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