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Our Privacy modules

Privacy Maturity Check

The Privacy Maturity Check scans how personal data  is collected, used, shared and maintained in your organization. The assessment provides you with a detailed picture of how compliant you are and a maturity curve on five capability levels.

  Maturity Level: Get a view on the Privacy maturity level of your organization

   Benchmarking: Convince your board with sector benchmarks to invest in privacy 

  Risk Mitigation Identify appropriate privacy controls to mitigate risks

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Processing Activities

Easily convert your business processes into processing activities and stay on top of all personal data being processed in your organization!

  Continuous Collaboration: Enable cross-organization collaboration and get notified when business processes change and stay up to date

  ROPA-Expander: Automatically convert business processes into processing activities

  Templates: Get a head start by starting from sector-specific templates

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Data Protection by Design

Assess when to conduct a DPIA and receive step-by-step guidance when completing one. Check compliance with the Data Protection Principles and set-up a mitigation plan.

  Assessment Automation: Automate the process to conduct assessments, generate reports and demonstrate compliance

 Developed by Experts: All assessments are created by top-notch experts to ensure compliance                    

  Risk Mitigation: Identify the likelihood of a risk, receive recommendations for mitigation and set-up a mitigation plan 


 Data Protection Principles
 Data Protection by Design

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Data Subject Requests

Fulfil  Data Subject request  accurately, efficiently and seamlessly.  When a new request is added, all stakeholders across  your organisation will get notified and can easily collaborate  to locate the data, and ultimately provide the data to the requesting user within time.

 Locate the Data: The tool identifies the location of the data requested

  Time Saving The collaborative working feature with checklist, will make request handling more efficient and seamless  

   Step-by-step guidance:  T he tool guides your organization from the initial request to the formulation of an answer

Why RESPONSUM Privacy Management?


Privacy can be a complex challenge,  RESPONSUM enables you to easily manage Privacy Compliance

Based on Processes

Intelligently capture all personal data being processed in your organization

Fully Integrated

Leverage integrated RESPONSUM Privacy Modules that grow stronger together