Records of Processing Activities

Records of Processing Activities

Be in control of all personal data being processed in your organization and demonstrate compliance! Article 30 of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) describes the obligation to maintain a record of processing activities. This means that each controller and processor has to establish a record and include each processing activity that concerns personal data.

Challenges of creating and maintaining a Record of processing activities

When it comes to creating and maintaining the Record of processing activities, most organizations are still searching for an efficient way to create and maintain this record. These are some of the challenges we encounter most:

  • Lack of documentation: data flows are often not documented, and data is scattered across an organization, as a Data Protection Officer (DPO) it is hard to know what is going on in the organization and to stay up to date.
  • Lack of collaboration: as DPO you need to step into various departments to find how they process data, it is not uncommon for a DPO to encounter resistance.
  • Lack of structure: maintaining a record of processing activities, requires a good structure and foundation. Having control of your data dictionary, IM Systems and processes is key.

Creating and maintaining the record of processing activities in RESPONSUM

The goal of our solution is to enable cross-departmental collaboration and automate repetitive tasks:

  • ROPA-Expander: automatically convert business processes into processing activities. Learn more about our process management module.
  • Continuous Collaboration: enable cross-departmental collaboration and get notified when business processes change over time. Stay up to date.
  • Save time & increase efficiency: centralize IM Systems, build a data dictionary and easily maintain your ROPA.
  • Flexibility: customize your ROPA to ensure it fits your organization’s needs

Our Key Features


Facilitate collaboration across the organization ensuring that cross-departmental knowledge is incorporated.


Select what notice is provided to the data subject in relation to a processing activity.


Perform and centralize DPIAs, balancing tests, … and link to the record of processing activities.


Centralize all legal obligations and link to the record of processing activities.


Complete audit log including date, time and changes made.


Version history for each processing activity is stored within RESPONSUM to support DSAR and potential audit needs.

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