Legal Management



Streamline day-to-day  privacy management: perform and document legitimate interest balancing tests and manage legal obligations.

Legal Basis

GDPR requires any organization processing personal data to have a valid legal basis for each processing activity. The most effective legal basis for processing depends on the purpose for processing, the relationship with the data subject and the type of personal data being processed. Deciding which legal basis is appropriate for processing activities is incredibly important. When the wrong legal basis is chosen, it could result in unlawful processing, inadequate organizational and technical measures and noncompliant response to data subject access requests.

How RESPONSUM can help

Legitimate Interest Assessment

Performing a balancing test is a must when legitimate interest is used as a legal basis. RESPONSUM guides you through the following steps:

  • Identifying legitimate interest
  • Scope definition
  • Balance of Interests
  • Conclusion


Legitimate Interest Assessment

When all the steps are completed, RESPONSUM will provide you with a score to determine if legitimate interest can be used as a legal basis.

Legal Obligation Management

Sometimes a processing activity is necessary for a legal obligation, such as employment or consumer protection law. Managing these obligations well is critical in order to ensure GDPR compliance. RESPONSUM allows you to:

  • Centralize legal obligations
  • Link processing activities
  • Automated Review Intervals
  • Advanced version tracking

No more hassle. Automate your balancing tests with RESPONSUM.

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