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Challenges of a DPO

Privacy legislation, like the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), has progressed to the extent that Privacy Management has become one of the most important parts of your organization’s Risk Management strategy. Needless to say, the life of a Privacy Professional is everything but a piece of cake. They are often under tremendous pressure to find the right balance between mitigating risks, operating within the legal framework & staying compliant, raising awareness, slowing down/accelerating innovating projects,…

The list goes on.

While enduring this pressure, a Privacy Officer faces various practical challenges within Privacy Management:

  • Lack of cooperation from other departments: Communication is key, but when every department within your company is hustling hard to meet their own goals, Privacy obligations are often an afterthought, rather than the highest priority.
  • Employees with insufficient knowledge and awareness: Most employees have heard of the term data protection, yet, aren’t aware of the risks or potential benefits it can bring to the organization. Data Protection by Design (incorporating privacy-proof strategies at the beginning of a new project, instead of at the end) can offer a lot of new opportunities but developing this alternative mindset proves to be a difficult task without organization-wide awareness.
  • An increasing number of and Data Breaches: Privacy awareness among Data Subjects, on the other hand, is growing more and more. People are becoming more mindful of their rights and the consequences a third party’s data breach can have. It’s an organization’s responsibility (and obligation according to the GDPR) to answer data subject requests timely and
  • Undocumented Data Flows: Data is present in every organization, but it isn’t always clear where said data came from or what it will be used for. The most common answer: “We’ve had this data for as long as we know.” Mapping data flows within and beyond an organization can support a DPO in better managing data privacy compliance.

On top of these practical challenges, we would almost forget about continuous organizational and legislative changes that require immediate action. It’s fair to say that all Privacy Pros deserve the best support system they can get.

Here’s where RESPONSUM, the most user-friendly privacy software, comes into play.

Allow us to introduce you to RESPONSUM; the most user-friendly, EU-based Privacy Management software on the market. Using our might just be the Privacy Solution you needed all along. Why, do you ask? Allow us to explain its various benefits:

Availability & Accountability – Never stress again in case of an audit. Have the correct information readily available in 1 single platform.

Conformity – Effortlessly maintain a high level of GDPR compliance which remains unaffected by organizational changes.

Automation – Allow yourself to focus on more important, urgent, and often more interesting tasks, while RESPONSUM takes care of the repetitive and frankly boring administrative flows.

Simplification – Translate complex GDPR requirements into easily understandable and applicable language and tasks through our guided workflows.

Collaboration – Work together with stakeholders from all departments within your company, so you get the info you need in time and in the correct format.

Education – Raise and maintain your employees’ privacy & security awareness to the highest level through simulations and trainings.

Okay, these promises sound great and all,

but how does our tool do this in practice?

Great question! Let us show you!

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Not convinced yet? Check out our different Privacy Solution Modules.


Simulate phishing attacks and
train your employees via

Records of
Processing Activities

Automatically generate
Records of Processing Activities

Data Subject Access

Have all the necessary information
at your disposal in case of a Data
Subject Request

Data Protection
Impact Assessment

Execute DPIAs 4 times faster
than usual

Data Protection
by Design

Innovative projects that
process personal data?
Manage privacy compliance
from the get-go

& Policies

Find and maintain the latest version
of policies, templates, contracts etc.
in 1 location. With additional
metadata of course

If you would like to discuss your current Privacy challenges and find out if we could help you out with RESPONSUM, leave your contact details below, and we’ll get back to you within 2 business days – that’s a promise.

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