Privacy Management

Accelerate your
Privacy team

Challenges of a DPO

The life of a Privacy professional isn’t exactly a walk in the park. More often than not, they are under tremendous pressure as they need to strike a balance in mitigating risks without slowing down innovative projects.

However, the DPO is burdened with practical challenges as well:

  • Lack of cooperation from other departments
  • Employees with insufficient knowledge and awareness
  • Undocumented data flows
  • Increasing number of Data Subject Access Requests (DSAR) and Data Breaches

Add continual organizational changes and evolving legislation to that list, and it’s fair to say Privacy Pros deserve all the help they can get.


Using a privacy management tool offers several benefits:

Automate administrative tasks, so you can focus on more important – and let’s be honest – more interesting work

Collaborate easily with stakeholders to get the info you need – in time – in the correct format

Effortlessly maintain a high level of compliance unaffected by organizational changes

In case of an audit, have the correct information – including accountability – readily available in 1 single platform

Simplify complex GDPR requirements through our guided workflows

Ensure your coworkers’ privacy and security awareness remains at the highest level at all times

Check out our different modules

Privacy management exists of a lot of subjects. RESPONSUM covers all of them in different modules:


Simulate phishing attacks and
train your employees via

Records of
Processing Activities

Automatically generate
Records of Processing Activities

Data Subject Access

Have all the necessary information
at your disposal in case of a Data
Subject Request

Data Protection
Impact Assessment

Execute DPIAs 4 times faster
than usual

Data Protection
by Design

Innovative projects that
process personal data?
Manage privacy compliance
from the get-go

& Policies

Find and maintain the latest version
of policies, templates, contracts etc.
in 1 location. With additional
metadata of course

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