How to create lasting Phishing Awareness in any organization

Discover the core steps to set up an Awareness program in your organization to strongly diminish the effect of Phishing attacks


What is Phishing?

Criminals use phishing to install malicious software on your computer, to steal your log in credentials and/or to steal money via several social engineering techniques. In an e-mail or other communication (Whatsapp is becoming increasingly popular), you are usually asked to click on a link, enter your password on a fake website or to open an attachment. The communication is made to look as though it comes from a trusted sender.

Creating a human firewall

Employees are the frontline troops that come into contact with personal data. Creating a company-wide security awareness program goes a long way in protecting your company’s data. To ensure an effective awareness campaign, employees need to be engaged. Training should cover best practices, but you shouldn’t stop there. Simulations ensure that your employees know how to apply these best practices and allow you to measure and follow-up the awareness program.

How to set up an awareness program

STEP 1: Baseline phish

We strongly recommend sending an unannounced simulated phishing test to all your users. This ‘Baseline Phish’ will help you establish a starting benchmark for your organization. The baseline test will identify the Phish-prone percentage of employees and the data can be used to measure future success. See how RESPONSUM allows you to effortlessly simulate phishing attacks.

STEP 2: Training

Security Awareness e-learnings educate employees on how to recognize phishing and how to respond. RESPONSUM offers multiple valuable training courses. Discover which are most interesting for your organization

STEP 3: More phishing simulations

To reinforce the training and keep the awareness level high, regular simulated attacks are key. These attacks are based on real attacks and latest methodologies.

STEP 4: Measure & analyze

Measuring employees training activity and phishing results. This allows us to identify the most vulnerable employees and to target them more efficiently.

Published on August 15, 2022. Written by: 

Herlinde Aerts for RESPONSUM

Herlinde Aerts

Product manager at RESPONSUM

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