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It’s our first time attending IAPP Data Protection Intensive (DPI), and we want to celebrate with you. Come visit stand 24, say hi and switch your coupon for some delicious authentic Belgian Chocolate 😋 (while stock lasts, so don’t wait too long)

Who are we?

You’ve found us at the IAPP Data Protection Intensive, which means we have something to do with Privacy and Security (and unfortunately not with chocolate, that’s just something we love).


RESPONSUM is a brand new, EU-based Privacy Management Software Solution. Our aim is to make the life of a Data Protection Officer easier by offering an intuitive and comprehensive solution; a software platform that empowers organizations to create robust privacy programs and build up trust to their customers, employees and stakeholders.


One of the main goals of RESPONSUM is to make Privacy teams more productive. Apart from integrating leading frameworks and methodologies and focussing on ease-of-use, we aim to automate as much administrative work as possible.

Slide Gather all relevant information in a
personalized dashboard.
In a single glance, have all the info you
need at the right moment.
Find out how
Slide Execute Data Protection Impact
Assessments 4 times faster.
Avoid hours of internal investigation and
automatically assess risks for each DPIA.
Find out how
Slide Organize Phishing Simulations
and Create Awareness.
Send phishing emails and text messages
to improve awareness among your colleagues.
Find out how

Want to see for yourself?

We get it. You’d like to see for yourself what the RESPONSUM tool looks like. No problem, we’ve got you covered. Click below and request your free demo today. Should you have any other questions, remarks or ideas, you can reach us at


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