We summed up the most frequent questions we get asked from our prospects. In case your question is not answered in this FAQ feel free to contact us!

You can request a free demo through our website or contact our Sales Manager at geoffrey@responsum.eu. In case you book a demo through our website we will reach out to you within two days to schedule an introductory meeting. In this meeting, we will discuss your specific privacy needs and walk through every module of the platform that might be relevant to your business.

The pricing policy is tailored to your organization’s needs. This means that the price depends on how data-intensive your organization is, how big your privacy team is, what licenses and number of users you will purchase etc. You can check our plans and pricing here.

One of our Customer Success Managers will reach out to you and guide you through the modules you purchased to ensure your team is comfortable with the tool and leverages all of its potential. They will guide you through your implementation step by step.

The implementation of the tool depends on various factors, for example, the size of your privacy team, and how you have implemented privacy before. Typically, the implementation is completed within a few weeks, together with the support of our experts.

Our customers can always send their (technical) questions to our support team at support@responsum.eu. Depending on the level of support they have purchased, they will meet several times a year with their dedicated Customer Success Manager.

You can always check our Terms and Conditions here. In case you have any questions reach out to us.

Unless otherwise agreed upon, payments are made in Euro and no later than 30 calendar days after the invoice date.

RESPONSUM is headquartered, developed and hosted in the European Union, using (hosting) partners that are also EU-based, For organizations looking to be 100% GDPR compliant (taking into account changing adequacy decisions), we believe this is the best route to take.

RESPONSUM uses open API technology to make integrations with other software solutions very easy. Examples of existing integrations are: Cookiebot, Civic UK, Consentmanager, Dealcloud, Collibra, Microsoft365 and Google Workspace. Depending on our customers’ needs, more integrations can be developed in a short timespan.

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