Employee Portal and Pricing Update

Release 1.6.0

Employee Portal & Pricing Update

We are passionate about delivering the best possible product to our customers. Sometimes that involves implementing thorough changes (improvements if you ask us) to the User Experience. That’s the case for the release of RESPONSUM 1.6.0 on May 5th 2021. You can find the full release notes here, but we’ll focus mainly on the brand-new Employee Portal and Pricing update on this page.


As it stands today, employees of your organization can follow their various e-learnings on an open-source platform we use, called Moodle. Moodle served us well, there’s no doubt. But now that RESPONSUM is maturing, we thought it’s the perfect time to develop our own e-learning platform – which will actually be much more than JUST an e-learning platform.
With this evolution, certain changes will occur:

What Improves for your employees?

On May 5th 2021,  all employees  who are currently registered in RESPONSUM will  receive an email to reset their password . We strongly recommend you  inform your colleagues  about this change beforehand and confirm that this is not spam, nor a phishing exercise 🙂

When employees log in to RESPONSUM, they will have access to the brand-new  RESPONSUM Employee Portal . On the portal each employee will find:

  • All available  e-learnings & quizzes from RESPONSUM  (with access to the ones you previously enrolled them for)
  • All  e-learnings published by your own organization
  • A  view of the processes  within his/her department
  • The possibility to  edit processes , if they have been given edit rights. This is manageable by the RESPONSUM Power Users (Admins)
The upside of having our own Employee Portal: the possibilities are endless. Based on your feedback, we plan to  add additional features  very soon. Check out our planned developments below!
  • An  FAQ  about privacy, security and data management
  • The possibility to internally  report incidents , e.g. personal data breaches
  • The ability for your employees that are in contact with data subjects to  report data subject right requests  directly to the DPO

We have some more future developments in store for you, but we’re not ready to share those with you just yet!

What improves for “Power Users”?

The Power Users of RESPONSUM (Admins & Management Leads) will also notice some improvements in their usual environments as of May 4th:

  • By default a Power User has access to the user portal and employee portal, making it easy to view the e-learnings in advance
  • Possibility to give employees view / edit rights for processes
  • Possibility to upload own e-learnings and quizzes (SCORM 1.2 format supported and added on request via  support@responsum.eu )

Check out our planned developments below!

What happens to RESPONSUM Credits?

Until now, the Awareness module (E-learnings, Phishing, Engage) worked using credits you had to buy upfront. During customer calls we noticed this wasn’t working very well for the most of you though. That’s why we decided to change things up and simplify our pricing quite a bit.

Our newest and our future customers will use the new pricing model, which consists of three standard Subscription Packs and one custom Subscription Pack:

Each Subscription Pack has a fixed fee per month  and includes a  fixed number of Power Users . For each  additional Power User  of RESPONSUM and each  Employee  that will use the Employee Portal, a fixed fee per month will be charged. The specific prices vary depending on the size and sector of your organization.

As you can see, credits are nowhere to be found. From May 4th on, every employee can follow  as much e-learnings as you enroll them for , and you can  simulate phishing attacks as much as you want , WITHOUT any additional costs.

Now, we realize  most of you have purchased RESPONSUM using another pricing model  and some of you have purchased credits. Not to worry,  we will get in touch  with every single one of you  to make sure the transition happens correctly and smoothly . Keep an extra eye out for our invitation to discuss this with you in detail!

Future Developments

These are some of the developments we have planned for 2021. We can’t give any exact release dates yet, as we want to remain relatively flexible to feedback from our customers, but we thought it was important that you could see the exciting possibilities of the Employee Portal.

  • Incident reporting : manage incidents more effectively with the RESPONSUM incident report form built into the Employee Portal. Capture incidents that occur in real time and follow up in responsum.app
  • Data Subject Access Requests : efficiently and effectively manage Data Subject Access Requests. Let employees log requests and centralize all data subject requests in one place
  • Policies and procedures : provide your employees with the latest versions of policies and procedures regarding personal data processing. Notify them when a new version is available and track whether they opened and viewed the update
  • Knowledge base : give your employees access to FAQs and general GDPR documentation that can help them in their day-to-day job

If you have any questions regarding the changes of RESPONSUM 1.6.0, or if you have more ideas to add to our roadmap, feel free to send us suggestions – we’ll happily connect with you for a quick brainstorm! Get in touch via the form below or reach out to  support@responsum.eu .