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Data Subject Requests

Data Subject Access Requests


GDPR has only been in effect for a few years but the number of Data Subject requests will continue to rise as people get more acquainted with them.

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) provides every EU Data Subject certain rights that they can exercise regarding their own Personal Data.

This means that every organization that processes personal data of EU citizens should be able to receive, process and answer Data Subject Rights (DSR) in a timely fashion. If you cannot reply within one month of the receipt of the request, you risk getting fined by the Data Protection Authority. 

Taking into account the immense amounts of data that companies process every single day, this presents certain challenges that require a structured approach.

Challenges of Data Subject Requests.

When it comes to practically dealing with Data Subject Requests, most organizations are still searching for a cost-effective way to handle these requests.
These are some of the challenges we encounter most:


This step is oftentimes missed. Even though it poses a great risk of encountering a data breach. E.g.: when the submitter of the request isn’t who he claims to be.

Knowing where to look

Data is spread out across an organization, so it’s not always clear for a Data Protection Officer (DPO) where he can find a particular Data Subject’s data.

Getting complete information

Even if you can locate the data of your Data Subject, a lot of DPOs will still have this internal incertitude of whether they now have ALL the personal data.

Tracking progress

In larger organizations the DPO can count on his colleagues throughout the organization to follow-up on DSARs. However, with the increasing pressure on organizations, tasks can easily be left aside for too long, at great risk of course.

Fun fact

Did you know that according to a Statista survey among privacy experts in th UK in 2020, 41 companies assessed the cost of a DSAR between £3,000 to £4,999.

£ 0

Cost of a Data Subject Access Request

How can RESPONSUM's DSAR platform help you?

Although it’s possible to keep track of Data Subject Requests via spreadsheets, it’s not a very sustainable, nor a productive way of workingThat’s why RESPONSUM suggests an effortless, automated, and structured approach.

The goal of our solution is to make your life as a privacy professional easier. When a Data Subject Request comes in, RESPONSUM guides you through the necessary steps:

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What's more with our DSAR module?

Our main focus is to provide our users with the best experience, in a cost effective way, with automated tasks and linked items.  That will help you manage of all the Data Subject Requests related information.


Privacy management can be complicated. Our goal is to simplify it as much as possible and take away the administrative hassle through an easy-to-use user interface.


When hearing prospects talking about budgets they have spent or offers they received from competitors, those numbers make our heads spin. RESPONSUM offers its all-in-one platform at an affordable price, linked to the amount of user accounts you will require.


Even if you can locate the data of your Data Subject, a lot of DPOs will still have this internal incertitude of whether they now have ALL the personal data.

Linked Items

Access the information you need anytime. We linked different modules for you, so you can have all the relevant information you need immediately.

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