Senior Full-Stack Developer (MEAN)

We’re looking for a Senior Full Stack Developer to join our team. Do you think you’ve got what it takes?

Let's go to work

As a (Senior) Developer at RESPONSUM, you will: 

  • Work within an Agile workflow, collaborating closely with your team members;
  • Participate in all daily tasks: writing code, reviewing others’ code, contributing to software design & architecture
  • Participate in the agile process: reviews, plannings, retrospectives, grooming, …
  • Participate in releases

Who you are

  • You are willing to join our team as an internal team member working together with other internal and external developers.
  • You are a flexible and self-motivated team player. You have strong technical and communication skills.
  • You may have a focus on either front-end or back-end, but you can navigate both
  • You must have 5+ years of experience overall, much of it highly relevant to our tech stack:
    • TypeScript
    • Angular 2+
    • Node.JS
    • PostgreSQL
    • MongoDB
    • And, of course, HTML/CSS

Our Promise

Our Promise

  • Quality is important to us: That means the code & design, but also the end-user experience. We invest in quality and have a clear vision of what that means.
  • “Why” is important to us: You will be involved in crafting solutions to a clear end-user problem. We want to work with developers who know why what they’re building is important, so they can contribute to the best of their ability.
  • People are important to us: We want to help you develop your skill set, and help you grow. We like to keep people around for the long term.
  • Flexibility is key: Our team is mostly hybrid (1-2 days a week, in an office of choice), but we are also open to full-remote applicants.
  • Transparency: we walk a fine line between having clear policies, guidelines, and processes, but no bureaucracy or other nonsense. The team largely governs its own process.

An offer you can't refuse

As a (Senior) Developer at RESPONSUM, you are highly appreciated for your expertise and skill set! Therefore, we offer you a generous compensation package. You’ll receive a nice salary in line with your level of experience and responsibility, a bonus plan, meal vouchers, ADV days, a company laptop, a car, and group insurance. How about that?!

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