Simulate Phishing Attacks and get ready

Why simulate phishing attacks?

Phishing simulations help employees to recognize, avoid, and report potential threats that can compromise critical business data and systems. It allows your organization to identify the weakest link and set-up targeted Awareness Campaigns.

How RESPONSUM can help

The RESPONSUM Phishing Module enables you to simulate a real-world phishing attack. It provides you all the tools you need to create a custom campaign in an easy and intuitive way. It contains a library of phishing templates, data entry landing pages and training landing pages.



Provide “just in time” training

for employees who click on a malicious link

Get Started Today

Create a Scenario – Select a template from our extensive library or start from scratch. Use the advanced but easy-to-use editor to make the most impactful campaigns.

Smart Target Groups – identify your most vulnerable employees and automatically enroll them in a target group.

Easy Configuration – our wizard guides you step-by-step to ensure the emails that mimic real-life phishing attacks don’t end up in spam.

Measure and Monitor – get access to all the interesting insights and use our smart groups to easily take action.

Investing in phishing simulations can reduce the risk of a data breach significantly

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Our Key Features


Easily create groups based on learning behaviour, knowledge level,… to target them with scenario’s based on their personal skill level.


Email phishing, SMS-phishing, Spear phishing, CEO fraud,…


Provide “just in time” training for your employees who click on a malicious link


Easily send tips and tricks to employees and send them reminders to follow a training.


Get a high level as well as in depth reporting on phishing and learning.


Choose from our phishing library to create the most impactful simulations.

Spread phishing awareness easily.

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