Assessment Builder

The all-in-one tool to help you streamline your data collection, enhance your privacy and security practices, and create a wide range of assessments tailored to your unique needs and goals.

Create and manage your assessments easily

Our brand new Assessment Builder empowers organizations to take control of their assessments, enhance data collection, and make privacy and security an integral part of their projects.

Create any type of assessment‚Äč

Experience the freedom to create any type of assessment, whether it's a vendor assessment, discovery assessment, pre-DPIA, or any other type that suits your requirements. Tailor your assessments to your organization's specific needs.


Simplify the data collection process and gain valuable insights from your data champions. The Assessment Builder allows you to create discovery assessments in business-friendly language, making it easier to gather information from your colleagues. Streamline your processes for more efficient data collection.

Vendor assessments

Assess whether your vendors are implementing and maintaining appropriate security controls. Map your assessment questions to RESPONSUM items such as stakeholder contact details, information management systems, and risks. When vendors complete the assessment, their answers can automatically populate the corresponding fields.

Embed Privacy and Security

Collect relevant privacy and security information across your organization using accessible language and tools. Embed privacy and security considerations into your projects seamlessly.

External stakeholder collaboration

Collaborate with stakeholders outside of your organization by sharing assessments and receiving their input. Foster productive communication and collaboration with external partners.

Automate wherever possible

Our Assessment Builder helps privacy professionals to eliminate manual work, while collecting qualitative information from the organization. Once the answers are reviewed by someone from the privacy team, automatically sync those replies to e.g. your Register of Processing Activities.


Mappable items

Easily map assessment questions to RESPONSUM items, streamlining data input and ensuring consistency across your organization.


Logical conditions

Customize your assessments with logic that shows or hides questions or entire pages based on the answers provided, creating a more personalized experience for respondents.


Template library

Access a comprehensive library of assessment templates created by privacy experts. These templates can be tailored to match your organizational workflows, saving you time and effort in assessment creation.


Endless options

Our Assessment Builder supports various question types, from radio buttons to toggles, enabling you to design assessments that suit your unique needs.

Any type of assessment

The Assessment Builder’s flexible design allows you to create vendor assessments, pre-DPIAs, TIAs, or just plain data discovery / data mapping assessments. Below, you’ll find some examples of what the Assessment Builder could do for you.

Vendor Assessment

Design vendor assessments that align with your specific needs, mapping questions to RESPONSUM items such as stakeholder contact details, information management systems, and risks. Once vendors complete the assessment and gain approval from your DPO, their responses will automatically populate the relevant fields.


Simplify the process of requesting information from colleagues by creating discovery assessments in business-friendly language. Map questions to fields within processing activities, giving your DPO a head start on creating and maintaining these activities as colleagues provide responses.


Easily create and execute pre-DPIAs for every new project. Our Assessment Builder allows you to efficiently assess the impact of new projects on data protection, ensuring that privacy considerations are integrated from the outset.

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