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Partner program benefits


Generally, there are three main benefits that RESPONSUM Partners can expect:


  • Add value: Immediately impact your customers by reducing their risks, improving their compliance and boosting their productivity
  • Gain insights: about how your customers operate and where they can improve
  • Increase sales: by cross-selling and upselling into your existing customer base and expand your business

Partner types


We categorize our partners in three segments:

Referral Partner

Earn a one-time fixed fee by referring customers to us. We will take care of sales, customer onboarding and support.


Sell RESPONSUM to your customer, but leave the customer onboarding and support to us.

Managed Service Provider

Incorporate RESPONSUM into your service offering. You take care of sales, customer onboarding and first level support. We are ready to help when necessary.

Certification types


Setting up RESPONSUM isn’t rocket science, yet SOME basic knowledge is recommended to ensure our platform can perform at its full potential. That’s why we created two training certificates:

Technical fundamentals


  • Detailed feature overview
  • Technical focus topics
  • Configuration
  • Customization possibilities

Sales fundamentals


  • SPIN selling
  • Competitive advantages
  • Sales & marketing collateral
  • High-level feature overview

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