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One of the main goals of RESPONSUM is to make Privacy & Security teams more productive. Apart from integrating leading frameworks and methodologies and focussing on ease-of-use, we aim to automate as much administrative work as possible.


Most Privacy & Security Management solutions exist of separate modules that are disconnected from each other, even though there is tremendous overlap regarding the required data.


RESPONSUM distinguishes itself from competitors by having a database that is interlinked to all available modules. That database is called RESPONSUM’s “Foundation”.

Every DPIA took us between 30 – 40 hours with most of the time spent on collecting information, verifying if it’s correct, getting it in the right format and assessing and documenting the risk. In RESPONSUM I reckon it takes us about 10 to 12 hours, just because of the built-in framework of the CNIL and all relevant information is available with one click.”


– Privacy Officer of a Healthcare institute

What is RESPONSUM’s Foundation?


The Foundation module contains three submodules:



  • Manage RESPONSUM licenses


  • Appoint accountability through user roles

My Organization


  • Setup the structure of your organization


  • Oversee your IT infrastructure


  • Build a Data Dictionary

Process Management


  • Create your own business processes


  • Choose from our extensive list of predefined process templates

These three submodules contain most of the vital information that can be used throughout Privacy & Security Management.


How is this a Game Changer?


With the click of a single button, you can convert a business process to a Processing Activity. The information in that Record can then be used in:



Already have a Register of Processing Activities?


Perfect! Just upload it in RESPONSUM and your data becomes immediately available for all other modules!

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