About us

About us

The Origins of

CRANIUM is the leading GDPR consultancy firm in Benelux with over 100 international DPO missions. In their extensive experience, they noticed the same challenges coming back with their customers:

Collaboration with people throughout the organization: Getting the right answers in a timely fashion sounds easy, but is actually the most challenging practical hurdle DPOs face today

Continually maintaining, sustaining and having proof of compliance and accountability – as required by the GDPR. Spreadsheets don’t offer long term history logs, which makes version management an administrative nightmare

Awareness of privacy and security in organizations needs to be kept at a high level at all times, as it only takes one moment of human inattention for a security breach to happen

As a consultancy firm, CRANIUM is dedicated to offer as much value as possible to their customers. Yet, as with most legal work, quite some effort needs to be spent on administrative tasks. The less administration, the more a consultant can contribute.

From those challenges, the idea for RESPONSUM was born: create a software platform that empowers organizations to create robust privacy & security programs and build up trust to their customers, employees and stakeholders.

Find out how exactly RESPONSUM enables you to do more right here do.


We create bright, powerful and intuitive solutions to help organizations in cultivating trust with their customers, employees and other stakeholders across the world


Maintaining compliance will become more efficient and standard for organizations, as the use of supporting tools and specialized third parties will be common. Privacy will be embedded in every new project or service.

Our Leadership Team

Alex Van Cauwenbergh

CEO & Founder

Bavo Van den Heuvel

CKO & Founder